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What kind of medication is Ranexa? 

Ranexa is a prescription-based anti-anginal agent. This medication is usually used to treat chronic chest pain, also known as angina pectoris. Ranexa is initially approved for the management of chronic stable angina pectoris. However, you can order Ranexa online for other medicinal uses not given in this Product Information. 

Ranexa contains ranolazine as an active ingredient and is famous as an antianginal agent. Ranolazine works by improving blood flow to allow your heart to work more efficiently. This medication is not approved to manage an acute attack of angina. 

The Food and Drug Administration approved this medication in 2006. In 2019, it became the 273rd most prescribed drug in the United States, with over one million prescriptions. 

What are the outcomes of Ranexa? 

Ranexa is used to treat a particular type of chest pain or chronic stable angina. This medication decreases the number of times you may get chest pain. Relieving symptoms of angina pectoris can boost your ability to exercise and perform strenuous work.

It works differently than other medications for angina, so you can buy Ranexa online to take it with other drugs. 

Important Information 

Never take Ranexa if you have cirrhosis of the liver. Severe drug interaction can occur when certain drugs are used together with this drug. Talk to your medical professional about all the medicines you are using or planning to take.

It is not for use during an acute episode of angina or chest pain. Continuous using any other drug prescribed by your health care professional to treat angina. When you buy Ranexa online, tell your healthcare provider about your medical conditions, including personal or family history of long QT syndrome.

How does Ranexa work?

Ranexa is a prescription drug that belongs to the family of antianginal agents. It is a brand drug also sold under the generic name ranolazine, which helps reduce the symptoms of angina and increase the ability to perform strenuous work. It works differently than other angina medicines, so that you can use it with different drugs for angina.

The active ingredient found in Ranexa, ranolazine, is thought to act by reducing the flow of calcium ions into the heart muscle cells. These calcium ions produce the heart muscle to contract properly. By lowering the calcium ions flow into the cells, this drug is thought to help the heart relax, increase the blood flow to the heart’s muscle, and relieve the signs of angina pectoris.

How to take Ranexa?

You can take Ranexa precisely as prescribed by your health care professional. Follow all the instructions and directions on the prescription label carefully. Your medical professional may occasionally change your dose to ensure you get the best result. When you buy Ranexa online without a prescription, make sure you do not take it in larger or smaller amounts or longer than prescribed.

You can take this medicine with or without food. But make sure you take it as a whole without crushing, chewing, or breaking the pill. Consult your doctor if your symptoms do not get improved or if they get worse while using Ranexa.

Symptoms of chronic angina are often treated with a combination of medications. Use all the drugs exactly as directed by your health care professional. Read the medication guide properly.

Do not change the amount or schedule of the drug without your doctor’s advice.

Dosage of Ranexa

The Ranexa dosage varies from person to person; your medical professional may start your treatment with the lowest possible dose and gradually increase it according to your condition.

Usual adult dose for chest pain or angina

The initial recommended dose Ranexa 500 mg orally twice a day. If needed, your medical professional may increase your quantity to 1000 mg orally twice a day. Never take this medicine in more than the prescribed amount.

Side effects of Ranexa

Common side effects

Common side effects of Ranexa do not require any medical help, and they may fade away on their own when your body becomes tolerable to the drug. These side effects can occur without any reason. Get medical help if you experience any symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as breathing problems, hives, swelling on the face, lips, and throat.

Severe side effects

Stop taking Ranexa and call your health care professional right away if you have: hallucinations or loss of appetite, shallow breathing or noisy breathing, slow heart rate or weak pulse, shivering or agitation, pain, and burning sensation muscle stiffness.

Prolonged use of this medication may affect fertility in both males and females. But, it is not known whether the effect on fertility is permanent. When you buy Ranexa online, you get 100% quality drugs with or without a prescription.